Since you have opened this chapter of our website more than 3.000 animals have died in slaughterhouses around the world. While you are reading these words billions of animals are enslaved, victimized, tortured and on death row.

Do humans have the right to practice slavery and extermination of animals to fulfill their needs? Our answer to that question is simple and clear: NO! Humans do not have the right to use, abuse and kill animals for their satisfaction. Only because humans can, it does not mean they have the right to do so.
Brutal exploitation of the animals leads in most of all cases to one result, the death of the animal.
Every day animals are exploited and abused in the following ways:

=> Products: Food – Clothing – Test of Cosmetics
=> Entertainment: Circuses – Aquariums – Marine Parks – Zoos – Rodeos – Bullfights – Fishing – Hunting – Dogfights – Cockfights – Horse Races
=> Vivisection: medical and psychological experiments
=> Selling services of Animals: Dolphin therapy – Safari tours – Horse carriage

=> More than 150 billion animals are getting killed worldwide by humans every year!
=> Over 65 billion land (farm) animals are getting slaughtered worldwide every year!
=> Over 90 billion marine animals are killed worldwide every year!
=> Over 200 million animals are killed by hunters in the USA!
=> Over 90 million animals are killed (raised, gassed, trapped, neck broke while still alive) worldwide every year!
=> Over 1, 2 million animals are killed alone in the USA in laboratories for vivisection!

As the population of humans on this planet increases the killing of animals worldwide is at an accelerating rate and the mechanism of the animal massacre gathers pace. Animals on planet earth have all the right to live free from human slavery.

The life of each single animal is meant to be free. Just like ours. Not murdered, skinned and tanned then sold and perpetuated for profit.