Animal First is a non-profit organization that works for the liberation of animals. We see oursleves as a group of activists, that are focusing on direct actions.

We see our mission in fighting for the freedom and protection of animals of all kind. Billions of animals are getting oppressed, victimized, enslaved, exploited and finally killed by humans every year. We want to raise awareness of the animal massacre, that is happening on this planet every single day caused by humans for their own needs.

Our challenge is to educate the people, make them understand that a society, which practices the extermination of animals (land and marine animals) will lead to the destruction of mankind.

Human’s specisist attitude and practices are mainly responsible for the brutal exploitation and daily massacre against animals.

What we do:
=> Organize public campaigns
=> Create direct actions, like demonstrations or other forms of protest
=> Investigate and expose to name and shame the responsible
=> Educate and encourage people to protect the Animal Nation and its territory

Animal First is a non-political organization. We do not stand for any political attitude. And we do not support any political party. Our “politic” includes our activism and fight for the animal’s right to live in peace and freedom!