Since decades humanity is killing the lives of billions of animals on this planet every year. Either it is animals on land, who die a horrible death being caught in traps, being shot by hunters, or marine animals, who are shot by harpoons or fished by dragnets. Animals cannot defend themselves and therefore are very easy targets for people who want their flesh, fur or fin.

The massacre against the animals is directly related to the war that this planet is suffering from, caused by humans, better say big companies. It is not possible to separate these too forms of exploitation and mass destruction, as both causes are connected to each other. As activists for animal liberation our focus is clearly on animals. Beside our activism for animal liberation we believe that it is also very important to motivate people to develop a natural awareness. Each one of us has the power and can make a difference to the environment we live in. We decide what we respect and what we take care of. We can make a difference on how animals get treated, a difference on how natural surroundings get respected and protected. It is you who decides if the meal on your plate comes out of slavery, torture and murder or if it does not. You have the power to make that change, to live a lifestyle that is not supportive of direct violence against other helpless creatures or the environment you live in.

Make that Change to live a lifestyle that respects and protects this planet and its different nations, creatures nonhuman and human. If society does not change in the way to make that change, then the war against the nature, which includes the animal massacre, will lead to the destruction of mankind.
We believe that the following three topics are the main key and can make a big impact to make that change:

=> Go Vegan and the meal on your plate is free from exploitation and murder!
=> Respect nature and support its conservation!
=> Become an activist and make that change!

“The world is ours to change and change is a must.” Keith Mann